What services do you provide?
Mr Hu specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts and glaucoma, which are among the commonest diseases affecting sight.
Do you provide other services?
Depending on availability, Mr Hu may be able to offer consultations for other ophthalmic conditions such as dry eye and blepharitis.
Who will I see at my Consultation?
Mr Hu will assess your eye condition.  Trained members of his team may assist with certain parts of the examination and testing.
What should I expect on the day of my Consultation?
Please do not plan to drive on the day of your consultation.  Eye drops may need to be instilled in your eyes, and these may cause your vision to be blurred and sensitive to bright light for several hours.  If you are being seen at Infinity Eye Clinic, we can arrange a car and driver to take you to and from your home or workplace – at our expense, if you are local (within 3 miles).  Your vision will be assessed with your glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them.  You will then need to remove your glasses or contact lenses for your eyes to be examined and tested.  If you wear eye make-up, this may become smudged during examination of your eyes.
What should I bring to my Consultation?
If you wear glasses or contact lenses, please bring them together with any cases, solutions and optician reports.  Please bring a list of any eye drops, tablets or other medications you use.  Please bring some sunglasses or a hat to guard your eyes against bright light after the consultation.  It is our policy to keep your General Practitioner informed regarding your treatment.  Please give us your GP’s name and address to enable us to do this.
Do I need health insurance?
You don’t need health insurance to use our services.  We deal directly with our patients to offer a high-quality, value-for-money service.
I have health insurance. Can I use this?
In order to make our service as cost-effective as possible, we deal directly with our patients for the settlement of fees.  If you wish to use your health insurance, you will need to lodge a claim directly with your insurer, and we suggest you check whether your insurer will accept such a claim before booking with us.  We are unable to make any insurance claims on behalf of patients.

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