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General Ophthalmology

Treatment of General Eye Problems

General Ophthalmology covers a wide variety of problems affecting the eye, ranging from pain to redness to visual disturbances. Mr Hu is an experienced Consultant Ophthalmologist who is registered as a Specialist in the UK. He manages all aspects of General Ophthalmology.

Ask Mr Hu’s friendly team about your eye problem. Whether it’s an urgent issue or something that has been nagging you for a while, we’ll do our level best to help.

This can be caused by many different problems, ranging from scratches and foreign bodies on the eye to infection and inflammation of the eye and surrounding structures. Making the correct diagnosis is key to ensuring that the right treatment can be prescribed.
Red eye is one of the most common eye conditions. Inflammation of almost any part of the eye, including the lacrimal glands and eyelids, or faulty tear film can lead to red eye.

To commence appropriate treatment, it’s necessary to establish the correct diagnosis.
Visual disturbances may include lights or flashes of light, shadows or veils in the vision and floaters.

Floaters are lines or specks in the vision. Apart from being annoying, floaters may indicate more serious eye diseases.
Vision loss may be transient or persistent, and it can occur suddenly or gradually. Many causes are eminently treatable, and the correct treatment depends on identifying the cause. Often early diagnosis results in the best outcomes.
Reasons to Choose Mr Hu

Focussed on Excellence

Mr Kuang Hu, MA MB BChir PhD FRCOphth, completed his medical degree and research doctorate at the University of Cambridge before training in Ophthalmology on the London Registrar rotation. He is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Specialist Expertise

Mr Hu's expertise encompasses cataract surgery and the management of glaucoma. He provides medical, laser and surgical glaucoma treatments, including trabeculectomy and aqueous shunts. He also handles all aspects of General Ophthalmology.

Quality Care

Your eyesight matters and often cutting cost means reducing quality. It's worth investing in personalised treatment plans, state-of-the-art technology, and carefully tailored care delivered by a highly-qualified consultant.

Personal Service

All consultations are personally carried out by Mr Hu to ensure you have individually-tailored care throughout your journey.

Latest Technology

Mr Hu uses state-of-the-art ophthalmic instruments & machines. No expense has been spared providing the best technology available for your eyecare.

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